TMTC Chapter Two – Ghosts

“So this is my… our home. What do you think?”

Kojo Annan was moving around the house, turning on the lights.

Tokunbo stared at the tall cream walls, the deceptively simple Ashanti oil painting hanging over the dining table. She slipped out of the shoes she had been wearing for over ten hours and the soft Persian rug almost swallowed her toes. It was a lovely place.

But she was still trying to understand at what point exactly she had given Kojo the impression that she would be living with him.

“I don’t remember this place,” she said diplomatically.

“Oh, this wasn’t the house you lived in back then. This is new. Well, what do you think?” He asked again, as a light in the corner came on.

She was steeling herself to say something like, “your home is lovely but I’m not staying here” when the light came on and every thought evaporated from her head. Continue reading


TMTC Chapter One – Homecoming

Chapter 1. Homecoming

“You do not have to go,” Cordelia had snapped. At the end, she was always snapping at everything. She frightened a few doctors, most of the nurses, and all of the lawyers. I was the only one who understood that snapping was her way of covering up how weak her voice had become.

We had that in common.

“I mean it. If you ever change your mind, you speak to that fat buffoon of a solicitor, Mr. Harrison. He knows his job, as well he should for the insane amount that I pay him. He’ll write up the papers to make sure that Kojo never gets within ten yards of you.”

“I want to go,” I told her firmly. “I’ve never been to Nigeria…” I corrected myself. “I don’t remember being in Nigeria. And I want to meet him. Who knows? Maybe my memory will eventually come back?” Continue reading